Welcome to my site. I am a graduate of the College of Interactive Computing and GVU Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have created this site to share my ideas with others in the IT community. I have interests in Product Management, user experience design, prototyping, mobile/ubiquitous computing and OTT development. I have years of experience managing & developing products from the ground up for multitude of platforms including: iPhone, iPad, Roku, AppleTV, & Amazon Alexa.

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News & Events

In July 2019, my Indie Game has launched in the iOS App store. >>  Ghost City 3D

In April 2019, I was interviewed by GPB Radio about the diversification of the video game industry.>> GPB News Story and Inteview

In March 2019, the Gerald A. Lawson foundation was featured on CBS News in Atlanta.>>  Video

In 2016, I designed & developed the radio streaming app for one of the Largest Media Companies in the U.S. Cox Media Group. The OTT app streams music and displays meta data content including: radio station branding, artist meta data and album cover artwork. The app was developed on both the Apple TV and Roku platforms and was the company’s initial radio streaming product on both platforms.
  >> App Advice AppleTV
  >> App Advice AppleTV
  >> Roku Channel Store 101.5
  >> Roku Channel Store 98.5

In October of 2014, I moderated a celebrity panel at the A3C Music Festival. The topic focused on Social Media and the ways in which it is used by artists to engage their fans. >> Event Website

In August of 2014, I released the Helio Soneca BJJ app in the Apple App Store.>> Check it out in the App Store

In June of 2012, Biztech magazine interviewed me regarding the accomplishments of my father Gerald A. Lawson and how he influenced me.>> Article

In December of 2010, the AP Television featured a story about my research project: Helping Hand. The interview was posted to several news websites. I am working on bringing this device to market.>> Video

In the summer of 2009, CNN Edge of Discovery featured a story about the Georgia Tech Aware Home. I was fortunate enough to have my research mentioned in the video segment. >> Video



Cool Stuff

A word cloud is a visualization technique that illustrates the frequency of words in a text. Often, word clouds are used to make inferences from the extracted text found in political speeches and other transcripts. Some experts argue against the correctness of word clouds, since long words are emphasized over short words and character ascenders and descenders draw undue attention. But who cares they just look cool! :-)

My resume as a word cloud.



As an HCI student and software professional I have encountered numerous sites with informative information. Below are just a few sites that I reference to keep me abreast of interesting news related to the field of HCI. I will add more links as I come across them.